• 1000000 DogeCoin (One Million Doge Coin) - Crypto Currency

1000000 DogeCoin.  (One Million Doge Coin).  Transferred to a DogeCoin Wallet Address you specify.

Payment by Bank Transfer Only.  Bank Transfer Details will be provided after purchase.   Payments must be made within 2 hours of purchase to confirm your purchase.   Please use your order number as the unique transfer reference when making the bank transfer.        If payment is not received within 2 hours of purchase, we reserve the right to cancel your purchase and refund your money.

As soon as we have confirmed your bank transfer, we will send you a message confirming the payment has been received and ask you for your DogeCoin wallet address.  Please ensure the wallet address you provide us is fully accurate, as we cannot reverse the transaction once the DogeCoin has been transferred.  Your DogeCoins will be transferred as quickly as possible after receiving cleared payment.  (Usually 1-2 hours, sometimes up to 24 hours during busy periods)

All confirmed purchases (purchases that have been paid for in full by bank transfer within 2 hours of ordering) are legally binding and cannot be reversed, cancelled or refunded. **   If payment is not received within 2 hours of purchase, we reserve the right to cancel your purchase and refund any funds which have been transferred late, although we may still honour your order.  (At our sole discretion).

All sales are considered finalised immediately after we have transferred your DogeCoin Crypto Currency to the DogeCoin Wallet Address you requested.   No Refunds or Cancellations are possible. 

The 30 day cancellation period referred to in the sale of goods act does not apply to crypto currency.  This is because crypto currency is classed as an "investment" asset and hence open to speculative purchase and the price in the financial market may vary. 

Our typical commission rate on DogeCoin is 50%.  This effectively means that by purchasing from this website, you are purchasing DogeCoin from us at twice the price that DogeCoin currently trades at. (A purchase premium of 100%)   Your actual purchase premium may be lower or higher than this, depending on the exact exchange rate at the time we fulfill your order. You should always cross check the current market price of DogeCoin before purchasing from us.

Please read our full terms and conditions before placing an order on this website, you will need to agree to our terms and conditions during the checkout stage.

1000000 DogeCoin (One Million Doge Coin) - Crypto Currency

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