Other Crypto Currency

For more choice of Crypto Currency at fairer rates please visit:


If you would like to purchase DogeCoin and /or a range of other crypto currency at lower commission rates (Between 15% and 50%, 35% Typical), please go to www.CryptoMania.uk

Alternatively, If you would like a e-mail quote on DogeCoin or any other crypto currency, please contact us, our commission rates may be lower on e-mail quotes, (typically 35%) however, we have a minimum purchase of £200 and you are required to make a bank transfer to us within 30 minutes to reduce our exposure on the quote price.    Once we receive your request for a quote, we will quote you on the number of coins we can provide for the cash amount requested, and include our banking details and a payment reference for the bank transfer.  You are under no obligation to make a bank transfer if you do not want to continue with your order at this stage.  If you do decide to proceed, then once we have confirmed your payment receipt, we will contact you to request your wallet address and transfer your coins shortly thereafter (usually within 30 minutes).

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