Our Commission Rates

Our typical commission rate on DogeCoin is 50%.  This effectively means that by purchasing from this website, you are purchasing DogeCoin from us at twice the price that DogeCoin currently trades at. (A purchase premium of 100%)  Your actual purchase premium may be lower or higher than this, depending on the exact exchange rate at the time we fulfill your order.  You should always cross check the current market price of DogeCoin before purchasing from us, so that you can calculate your exact purchase premium prior to purchasing from us.   Please remember that even after placing an order on this website, you are under no obligation to make a bank transfer payment, and you can simply choose not to proceed with your order.  Once you have made the bank transfer, all sales are final.

Please take the time to read our terms and conditions in full, before placing an order on this website.

If you would like to purchase DogeCoin and /or a range of other crypto currency at lower commission rates (Between 15% and 50%, 35% Typical), please go to www.CryptoMania.uk