Paper Wallets

A properly secured wallet is everything with crypto currency.  You don't want to lose your investment right?  

If you are slap dash at picking your wallet, you could end up losing your coins in the future.

A properly generated paper wallet is the most secure method of storing your coins for the long term.   If you wanted to use your coins day to day, you would need a more accessible app based wallet of some kind either for your mobile, or laptop.  

Go to https://walletgenerator.net
and actually download a copy of the website itself from GitHub.    If you scroll down you will see the link to this on their homepage.    Once you have downloaded and extracted the website files, disconnect your internet access from your laptop (either by unplugging it, or disabling the WIFI access)....Next go to the downloaded folder where you extracted the file and inside the main walletgenerator folder is a file called index.html.  Don't just open this file, as in may open as a text file notepad.   You need to Right click > open with > Firefox or another browser.   This will run the website from that file on your computer.   (While your internet is OFF, or you have disabled your WIFI Access.)

Navigate via the drop down menu to DogeCoin, and then generate an individual wallet or generate 20 rows from a bulk wallet, and pick one, ensure you get the correct matching Private Key string with the correct address string.

It is a bit of hassle to get the coins back from a paper wallet, if you wanted to sell them quickly, as you would have to install the DogeCoin Full Application, and import your private key in there.    This would effectively "sweep" any coins you have in the address associated with that private key into your DogeCoin Application, and from there, you can send them wherever you want to, If you wanted to sell them for example.  Keep this Private Key (The longer string, very safe.- that is the only thing someone would need to steal your coins).   Treat that bit of paper as you would a bearer bond.  Its that important.     Ensure it is kept dry, maybe print more than one copy, just in case, but please ensure you keep it extremely safe.  If you wanted to, to make it easier to copy and paste your private key, you could store this data in a simple notepad file or an excel sheet.  However, we recommended keeping this file on a removable storage device.  (Kept Safe!) and keeping a paper copy as well, just in case this device fails.

Once you are happy you have a secure wallet, if you would like to place an order on this website, the next step s very simple.  You simply add to basket on the website, go through to checkout, confirm your order.  The bank transfer details will be given to you during the checkout phase.   You then need to make a bank transfer to us online (preferably within 2 hours) , and as soon as we have confirmed receipt of the funds, we will transfer the DogeCoin to any wallet address you give us.    You will be able to go to the DogeCoin BlockChain, to verify your coins are sitting in your wallet, after the transfer.

Paper Wallets are the most secure form of storing crypto currency, as long as you generate them properly (Offline), and look after your private key.